Creating a Functional yet Stylish Nursery for your New Baby

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Becoming a new mother can feel overwhelming and so can the task of designing a beautiful nursery for your new baby. New mothers are often bombarded with information in regards to products which they supposedly need to create a functional yet relaxing space for herself and her bundle of joy.

As a first time mother and an Interior Designer, I have separated the items that are necessary from those that really are not required. I have also included some simple and affordable decor items which will add appeal to your nursery.

Follow the below tips to create a practical yet stunning nursery without exceeding your budget. Keep in mind that great interior design is a result of creating a beautiful balance of colours that complement one another, planning your layout correctly and putting together a striking arrangement of decor. This can be achieved without spending an excessive amount of money.

Moses Basket/ Bassinette

A moses basket or bassinette is extremely useful in the early days while your baby is still tiny. These items are practical as they can be moved from room to room. This makes it quite simple to bring your baby’s bed into your room at night to make feeding easier and less stressful. Moses baskets and bassinets are available in a large range of styles. Look for style that complements the theme of your baby’s room and is easy to transport.



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As your baby grows, their moses basket or bassinette will eventually become too small for them and they will require a cot.  Today the market is flooded with absolutely gorgeous designs. You may want to splash out on a stunning Scandinavian style or colourful retro cot. However, if a more simple design better suits your budget, you can create a statement piece through the use of beautiful quilt covers and gorgeous decorative items such as unique stuffed toys.

Note: please keep in mind that quilts and stuffed toys should be removed from the cot before young babies are laid down to sleep. Refer to for further information regarding safe sleeping.

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Change Table with Storage

We are beginning to see a shift away from the traditional change table which is often only used while the baby is still quite small and does not try to wriggle right off the surface! Recently, a growing trend is to set up a change table on top of a storage area such as a chest of drawers. This concept is quite practical as additional storage can be included in the room and the change table can simply be removed from the storage unit when it is no longer required. The chest of drawers will continue to be a useful item of furniture in your older child’s room. There are many change table/ storage units available on the market. However, you can easily create your own design with your own chest of drawers, a foam change pad and a lovely change pad cover to match your nursery. If you are feeling creative, you may even consider painting your chest of drawers to match the existing furniture or in a bold colour to make a statement.

Decorating baby's nursery doesn't have to cost a fortune. Click the link in our bio for tips on creating a stylish room on a budget! via @thecuriousnatalia

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There are a stylish array of feeding chairs available in stores at present. These range from comfortable gliding chairs to elegant wingback rocking chairs. While a stylish feeding chair can act as a statement piece in your baby’s nursery, it is also extremely handy. It makes a great spot to relax and feed your new baby particularly at times when your house is bursting with visitors. Of course, any comfortable armchair can be used as a feeding chair. Existing or second hand chairs can be reupholstered with fashionable fabrics and there are even tutorials online which explain how to convert an armchair to a rocking chair! Be sure to finish your lovely new chair with some beautiful cushions and possibly a lovely warm throw.


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Nappy Bin

A nappy bin is extremely useful in your nursery and definitely keeps things from getting messy! Nappy bins have become a decor item in modern nurseries. Available in a large range of colours and designs, it is not difficult to find a bin that will complement your nursery. Ubbi have a stunning variety patterns and colours. Ubbi bins are made from powder-coated steel to contain odours and come complete with a lid. Keep in mind that while nappy bins are specifically designed for nappies, any bin with a lid can be used for this purpose. While baby stores will carry nappy bins, your local department and homewares stores will also carry a suitable range of bins!

Ubbi Black and White Diaper Pail - love this new modern white triangle design! #PNpartner

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Nursery Decor

Decor for your baby’s nursery will add a lovely finishing touch to the space. Add colour and life to the walls by selecting a gorgeous printed wallpaper. If you are not keen on spending the time or funds on installing wallpaper, a similar result can be achieved by using some simple wall decals. Another cost effective option to brighten up additional empty walls is to hang some prints and possibly a bunting. These can be used to create a feature within the room. Etsy is packed with amazing nursery ideas! A rug or floor mat is also a great accessory particularly for rooms with timber floorboards. When choosing a rug or mat be sure to select one which will be practical for your baby to crawl around on and also works in harmony with the colour scheme and theme of the space.

Spring 2017 One Room Challenge, Week 6: Nursery Reveal + Sources

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If you feel unsure how to begin your new project, start by choosing a theme. Pinterest is a great place to find nursery inspiration. The possibilities are endless, you may opt for a cosy rustic style, a calming boho theme or a chic minimal design. Next, decide which colours you would like to feature and begin using the above tips to create your stunning new space.

Be confident in your ability to design a gorgeous room for your baby. There are many different opinions regarding interior design. However, ultimately your home should be a reflection of your own style and personal taste.


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    So many practical ideas and hints that I would have never thought of! I particularly love the idea of a Moses basket. This article really brakes down what is needed in a nursery and makes the process of styling one seem a lot less overwhelming.

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    Your blog was very informative. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. Great read, fantastic tips! By the way, LOVE your website!

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