How to Decorate with Pantone’s 2017 Colour of the Year – Greenery

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Last month, Pantone, who are well known in the industry for their famous colour matching system, revealed their colour of the year for 2017 – Greenery!

 This is a fresh yellow-green shade is inspired by nature and reflects the first days of Spring. Greenery symbolises our desire to reconnect with nature and evokes a sense of tranquillity.

 Each colour has the ability to influence our mood and affect how we feel in our environment. Green is both cooling and invigorating. It creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere when used in our homes.

So how can we incorporate this refreshing shade into our interiors? Below, we explore some inspirational images and tips. These range from simple and minimal to overstated and bold!

 Bring the Outdoors In

Create a beautiful flow from indoors through to your outdoor area by including lovely luscious plants in your home. This can be achieved through a simple centrepiece or by incorporating a verity of plants. Use plants of different textures and sizes to create a point of interest. Pair these with bold copper or concrete pots to give your space a modern edge.

English Ivy More:

Image via Lauren Conrad

Include a Touch of Gold

Adding gold accents to the space will bring out the beautiful yellow undertone in this vibrant shade. Gold accessories are a hot trend at the moment and are currently flooding interior design magazines and blogs! Create a touch of elegance by adding gold décor such as vases, candle holders, photo frames and cushions. For a much more bold and elaborate addition, consider gold furniture, mirrors and fittings such as pendants and cabinet handles.

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Image via Flip and Style

Add a Splash of Colour

Neutral styling with a burst of colour can often create the most effective colour schemes. Add a splash of Greenery to your home by balancing natural colours with smaller coloured accessories in this vivid shade. This can transform a space from basic to breathtaking and can be done quite simply through incorporating artwork, textiles and décor.

Image via Wonderwood

Create a Feature Wall

Make a bold statement by creating a feature wall using this amazing shade to brighten up any room! Today, wallpaper is becoming increasing popular. It is available in a large range of stunning designs from daring to much more delicate prints. Add an element of nature to your home by choosing a wallpaper inspired by Spring gardens such as beautiful leafy patterns or modern, large floral designs.

Using green in your work spaces can help to relieve stress and create a calming environment. This blue and green tropical wallpaper design is both stylish and soothing.:

Image via Murals Wallpaper

Incorporate a Focus Piece

Create a focus piece boasting this brilliant shade and balance this with décor featuring the same colour. Your focal point should be a bold piece which draws the viewer’s attention and creates a point of interest.

Visual Dose: June 19, 2016 at 08:53AM — Designcollector:

Image via Design Collector

Work with an Analogous Colour Scheme

In interior design, an analogous colour scheme refers to the use of colours which are beside each other on the colour wheel such as greens and blues. The purpose of this colour scheme is to use shades which work in harmony with one another to create a relaxed and balanced environment. Experiment with combining shades of green and blue which are refreshing yet soothing when used alongside one another.


Image via Decor8

Introduce a Complementary Colour Scheme

A complementary colour scheme, on the other hand, uses colours which are opposite one another on the colour wheel such as yellow-green and red-violet. These colour schemes are rich and vibrant! Generally, one colour acts as the dominant shade and the other as an accent. However, these combinations are very high contrast. As a result they are often used in small doses to create a burst of colour within a space and avoid overpowering the room.

Green couch with purple and red rug surrounded by white walls and antler chandelier:

Image via My Domaine

Over the coming months we will continue to see new designs featuring this refreshing shade, from homewares and furniture through the artwork. Incorporate some of the above tips to ensure that your home is right on trend for 2017!


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  1. Lauren

    Really love the idea of the use of indoor plants in the house. Very calming 🙂 love your work Ivory Lane Interiors.

    February . 02 . 17
  2. Sarina

    Wow! What an exciting year it will be in the interior design industry! I love your idea of choosing a neutral colour and then introducing a burst of bold colour in moderation. I’m thrilled that plants are once again part of indoor décor, very calming and serene. The greens make the room fresh and tranquil – introducing gold ornaments, very classy!. Heaps of good ideas to take on board. Thanks Ivory Lane. Keep up the good work!

    February . 02 . 17
  3. Ashley

    I’m really excited about this trend, I am definitely going to deck out my house with plants! This blog has really inspired me.

    February . 02 . 17

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