How to Transform your Home with Dulux Colour Trends in 2018

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Dulux are a well established, global leading brand in premium quality architectural paint. Each year, after conducting extensive research into industry trends, Dulux releases a colour forecast for the year.

This year, we are encouraged to take a step back from our fast paced lives and create relaxing, harmonious spaces which reflect a sense of balance.  Dulux predicts that their inspiring colour scheme ‘Balance’ will influence interior design trends in 2018. Consisting of four inspiring themes including; Essential, Kinship, Escapade and Reflect, we will begin to see these pallets featured not only by top interior designers but also style savvy individuals.

In order to create balance, we are urged to form a calming environment in our homes rather than striving for perfection. Our homes should be a reflection of our lives rather than resembling an unoccupied display home. Below we explore some options to transform your home with each of Dulux’s colour pallets.



Kinship focuses on creating a calming space that we can retreat to and escape negativity. The key to this theme is to establish a peaceful environment which emphasises compassion and celebrates cultural influences reflecting community and kinship. This can be accomplished by forming a cosy atmosphere through combining rich, warm, earthy colours.

Use a mix of both natural and bold colours which resemble nature such as rust and terracotta alongside contrasting colours such as shades of green. You can incorporate colour through artwork and decor which evokes positivity and happiness.  Introduce warm colours and a mix of patterns by adding cushions and throws set against beautiful timber finishes.

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Essential aims to create an uncomplicated lifestyle through finding beauty in simple things. Using a muted colour pallet sets a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. A minimal style of decorating ensures less clutter within the space.

Soft browns and greys act as a perfect base to add warm, rich colours. Incorporate raw finishes and natural materials such as leather and linens within space. Add character by combining handmade and imperfect items such as recycled pieces. Light timbers and soft denim pieces such as cushions complement this theme perfectly.



essential colour trends room

Image via Dulux


Escapade enables us to be imaginative and escape reality to our dream destination. This is achieved through contrasting colours which reflect a tropical holiday. This free spirited theme is inspired by a 1970s and 1980s influence of unanticipated colour combinations. An exciting sense of adventure and the notion of distant shores can be brought to life within the space through a playful mix of summer brights.

Pale mint and teal are a perfect base for mustard yellow accents. Be sure to incorporate shades of pink from lovely and soft to strong and bold. This theme also works quite well using different shades of one hue then adding interesting accessories including both up-cycled and new pieces.

Daring colours and tropical leaves will give the space a Summer vibe. Keep it simple by using different shades of cool green against beautiful marble and complete the look with distinct blue accents.

Image via The Design Chaser


Reflect encourages us to take a step back from our fast passed, high tech lives and focus on elegant design trends from the past. As technology continues to progress rapidly, at times we find ourselves longing for a simpler lifestyle. As a result, more traditional design becomes appealing.

This striking theme combines both past and present with a modern twist! Featuring classic design of the 1930s, along with the drama of the 1960s and glamour of the 1970s complete with accents from the 1990s. Reflect is bold yet sophisticated, borrowing a mix of eclectic styles from different eras.

Begin with a traditional colour pallet and incorporate deep hues such as blue accessories to add a touch of class. Add a modern twist to the space in the form of furnishings or decor such as metallic accessories. Beautiful antiques add a point of interest and stand out against classic yet modern decor such as brass and marble. Jewel tones can be used to create a luxurious environment.

reflect colour trends living room

Image via Dulux


Each of these gorgeous themes are appealing and unique in their own right. Releasing four different colour pallets ensures that there is one to resinate with each fashion forward individual. With the above information at hand, and a bit of creativity, introducing Balance into your home is quite simple!

Which of the above four pallets will you choose?


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  1. Chantal

    I love the idea behind the “reflect” theme. Looks gorgeous too!

    January . 01 . 18
  2. Sarah

    This article is very insightful, I am definitely going to try some of these trends in my house. The idea of creating calming and reflective spaces is fantastic.

    February . 02 . 18

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